We are all special, unique, and needed

This is an amazing time to be alive!  We are living in a time of great evolutionary growth on our planet and many of us came to Earth explicitly to be part of this leap in consciousness.  Every single one of us on this planet has a role to play that our higher self chose before incarnating.  This role or mission was chosen to assist the world, not just us individually.  We all have a note to play – a very special, unique, glorious note that no other person alive can play.  This note is our mission . . . our role . . . our purpose and each one of us is responsible for re-discovering our note, fine tuning it, and playing it for the benefit of the world.  The rest of the world is depending on each one of us to fulfill our mission; otherwise, people, nature, and the Earth itself will suffer. We are all instruments in a grand cosmic symphony.  The violin is no more or less important than the clarinet and the clarinet is no more or less important than the flute.  All are special, unique, and needed to create a beautiful and harmonious symphony.   As we awaken more and more to our divine nature, we realize there is no value difference between each role we chose to take.  As we rediscover our note and play it fearlessly, we empower and inspire others around us to awaken to their divine role. This creates a sort of domino effect of dynamic, conscious awakening that ripples throughout our beloved planet and beyond.

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