Niseema really works on you from the inside out. This was a deep energetic relief of stress and she was able to help me in more ways than I can express. I was pleasantly surprised after one session how much better I felt. I really felt connected with her and cannot wait to work together again. Thank you!


I met Niseema 13 years ago and we instantly connected. Throughout the years I have gone to her for spiritual guidance. She has tapped into things about my family and health that I didn’t realize were triggering pain, anger, and fear. She has guided me with a warm embrace and loving words through some of my darkest moments. I wouldn’t be as enlightened and aware of myself today without the tools she shared with me. I highly recommend Niseema and feel grateful for the beautifully bright and positive energy she shares with me.


I am a mom to 3 daughters and was diagnosed with cancer. With this diagnosis and in combination with aggressive treatments, I found myself in a place where sleep and calming of my mind was nearly impossible. Not only did the physical pain keep me in distress, but so did the “what if”. One night during the height of distress, I received a phone call from Niseema. Call it intuition, call it spirits guiding her to call me, call it what you will, but how this natural healer Niseema knew to call me at that time was unexplainable. I explained my distress and Niseema just started saying words in the most soothing healing voice that calmed my mind and body. I fell asleep with the phone to my ear and grateful tears in my eyes. For many nights to follow, I would replay Niseema’s words in my mind to allow myself to fall asleep. The weeks to follow this healing moment, Niseema also found time to help me by using her energy with her hands all over my body, but about 6 inches away, never touching. I was amazed at the light uplifting energy and vibrating feelings from these moments. Niseema also introduced me to beautiful vibrating sounds to continue my healing. Today I am doing well and am very grateful to Niseema for giving her tools and healing experiences to help me be well.


Niseema Young is truly a spirit led, gifted healer. She is able to assess the area of greatest need and then direct her healing to that area. She has been able to help me with emotional as well as physical healing. Her space is lovely and there is a feeling of peace, calm, and healing as soon as you enter. It is such a safe place to be that all worries and concerns can be left behind and you can totally open yourself to a full and complete healing session. Niseema is also able to conduct healing sessions remotely with great success. I highly recommend her.


I don’t think I have ever felt so incredibly loved than I did in our session!


When Niseema works on me, I often feel many hands on me – not just hers. It is the most strangest, most wonderful experience. I feel so loved and supported. I believe there are many other “beings” in the room with us and I often feel the presence of my loved ones that have passed. After a session with Niseema, I always sleep much better and my pain gets significantly reduced. I can’t even express how many times Niseema guided me through tough times by saying just the right thing that provided an “Ah Ha” moment. She has an ability to see things clearly and provide a whole other vantage point that I otherwise would not have thought of. She has empowered me in more ways than I can say and has taught me so much about myself and how I can heal myself. Her wisdom is well beyond her years.


I just wanted to make SURE you know how amazing I feel STILL!!! Your work is so powerful! Wow!!! I am almost speechless…..still!


Niseema is a gifted healer. From the moment I met her, I felt very at ease and knew I was with a trusted individual. Our session started with a brief discussion about what I could expect and I got to share a bit about what I was struggling with. I knew I needed help releasing guilt to be able to set some healthy boundaries for myself. The session was mind-blowing from start to finish. I felt emotions I hadn’t realized were still present from my childhood. It was a beautiful opportunity to release them. I wasn’t expecting that level of emotion to come out, but Niseema certainly provided a safe, loving environment for that to happen.

After our session, I was able to lay out clearly what my boundaries were. I have every bit of confidence I will be able to follow through on them as well. Much gratitude to Niseema for her guidance on my healing journey!


Niseema blew my mind. She is incredibly intuitive, gifted, and powerful. Thank you for doing what you do!


I had the absolute best session I have ever had in my life with Niseema. I feel so much lighter, freer, and connected, like a heavy load was lifted. It was like she knew exactly every place in my body that needed to release and everything that she picked up on about my past and what I was holding onto couldn’t be more accurate. It was incredible.