I am a mom to 3 daughters and was diagnosed with cancer. With this diagnosis and in combination with aggressive treatments, I found myself in a place where sleep and calming of my mind was nearly impossible. Not only did the physical pain keep me in distress, but so did the “what if”. One night during the height of distress, I received a phone call from Niseema. Call it intuition, call it spirits guiding her to call me, call it what you will, but how this natural healer Niseema knew to call me at that time was unexplainable. I explained my distress and Niseema just started saying words in the most soothing healing voice that calmed my mind and body. I fell asleep with the phone to my ear and grateful tears in my eyes. For many nights to follow, I would replay Niseema’s words in my mind to allow myself to fall asleep. The weeks to follow this healing moment, Niseema also found time to help me by using her energy with her hands all over my body, but about 6 inches away, never touching. I was amazed at the light uplifting energy and vibrating feelings from these moments. Niseema also introduced me to beautiful vibrating sounds to continue my healing. Today I am doing well and am very grateful to Niseema for giving her tools and healing experiences to help me be well.