Finding inner peace during unstable times

This is a time of great evolutionary change on our planet; as Mother Earth goes through her birthing process, we all have the choice to participate in this change and our own evolutionary process in a conscious and active way. Each and every one of us is on this planet right now for an important purpose – we chose this specific time to be born. We chose our parents – not so that we had it easy, but to give us the experiences (as hard as they may have been) to learn and grow and to expand our consciousness. Many of us are what I call “Pathcutters” who contracted before birth to assist in the healing of our biological ancestral lines and many of us are currently experiencing a heightened degree of ancestral issues coming to the surface to be healed. This was a conscious decision pre-birth made out of love and compassion.

With the recent intense astrological changes (3 eclipses in a row), many Lightworkers are witnessing discordant energies in the field – people who are unaware of their true nature and who do not participate in their healing are acting out of fear, insecurity, competition, and limiting belief systems. It is a time to stay in neutral observer mode and stay in the heart while these old energies around us play out. Those of us who are taking an active role in our spiritual growth may be experiencing a heightened sense of expansion or the need for more self-care, sleep, meditation, reflection, and emotional clearing. Take time to honor and care for yourself during these intense times and try not to take on too much.

If you feel like you are experiencing any energetic blocks or just need a gentle “reiki/qi bath”, call or email me for an appointment. Emotional Release work is analogous to a kink in the water hose, we need to find the kink, unravel it, and the water flows freely again. The same goes for our qi (ki, prana, lifeforce), whenever we clear old, blocked energy, our qi begins to flow properly again and we can embody higher quotients of light and lifeforce.

May Our Hearts Be Filled With Love and Compassion.

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