Finding inner peace during unstable times

This is a time of great evolutionary change on our planet; as Mother Earth goes through her birthing process, we all have the choice to participate in this change and our own evolutionary process in a conscious and active way. Each and every one of us is on this planet right now for an important purpose – we chose this specific time to be born. We chose our parents – not so that we had it easy, but to give us the experiences (as hard as they may have been) to learn and grow and to expand our consciousness. Many of us are what I call “Pathcutters” who contracted before birth to assist in the healing of our biological ancestral lines and many of us are currently experiencing a heightened degree of ancestral issues coming to the surface to be healed. This was a conscious decision pre-birth made out of love and compassion.

With the recent intense astrological changes (3 eclipses in a row), many Lightworkers are witnessing discordant energies in the field – people who are unaware of their true nature and who do not participate in their healing are acting out of fear, insecurity, competition, and limiting belief systems. It is a time to stay in neutral observer mode and stay in the heart while these old energies around us play out. Those of us who are taking an active role in our spiritual growth may be experiencing a heightened sense of expansion or the need for more self-care, sleep, meditation, reflection, and emotional clearing. Take time to honor and care for yourself during these intense times and try not to take on too much.

If you feel like you are experiencing any energetic blocks or just need a gentle “reiki/qi bath”, call or email me for an appointment. Emotional Release work is analogous to a kink in the water hose, we need to find the kink, unravel it, and the water flows freely again. The same goes for our qi (ki, prana, lifeforce), whenever we clear old, blocked energy, our qi begins to flow properly again and we can embody higher quotients of light and lifeforce.

May Our Hearts Be Filled With Love and Compassion.

We are all special, unique, and needed

This is an amazing time to be alive!  We are living in a time of great evolutionary growth on our planet and many of us came to Earth explicitly to be part of this leap in consciousness.  Every single one of us on this planet has a role to play that our higher self chose before incarnating.  This role or mission was chosen to assist the world, not just us individually.  We all have a note to play – a very special, unique, glorious note that no other person alive can play.  This note is our mission . . . our role . . . our purpose and each one of us is responsible for re-discovering our note, fine tuning it, and playing it for the benefit of the world.  The rest of the world is depending on each one of us to fulfill our mission; otherwise, people, nature, and the Earth itself will suffer. We are all instruments in a grand cosmic symphony.  The violin is no more or less important than the clarinet and the clarinet is no more or less important than the flute.  All are special, unique, and needed to create a beautiful and harmonious symphony.   As we awaken more and more to our divine nature, we realize there is no value difference between each role we chose to take.  As we rediscover our note and play it fearlessly, we empower and inspire others around us to awaken to their divine role. This creates a sort of domino effect of dynamic, conscious awakening that ripples throughout our beloved planet and beyond.

Developing the Mental Body, Psychic Vampires, Creating Boundaries, Victim/Victimizer Software

Developing the mental body is the most important area to train for our personal evolution. Our minds are the builder and essentially create our reality (there is a co-creation on the collective level). Our thoughts affect all of our body systems – our physical body (our blood, organs, muscles, central nervous system, adrenals, thyroid etc), our emotional body, and our spiritual body. Our emotional state is the result of past and current thinking and our spiritual body both governs and is governed by our mental, emotional, and physical bodies. When change happens at the mental/emotional level, the spiritual body is affected and should change happen at the spiritual level (a rapid awakening/initiatory experience) the emotional, mental, and physical body are affected.

We have a micro/macro relationship (as above, so below/as within, so without) to our Universe as we are implicitly connected to our Universe through the Universal Unified Field, Merkaba Fields, and our morphogenetic chakras (pre-matter anti-particle architecture – that extend to deep outer space *MC-15 and to the center of the Earth MC-13). On the macro level, our thoughts affect the 4th dimensional collective field, the planetary logos (the planetary mind) and the planetary grids (every thought or action is embedded in the planetary grid networks). We can witness our collective inner state playing out on the world stage that directly reflects our collective psyche and to be quite honest, there is much to be concerned about. All we have to do is look at big Pharma and the amount of people, even young people, who are on daily doses of medications (prescription drug use keeps increasing), Monsanto’s GMO’s that dominate the world seed market designed to enslave farmers (GMO’s are genetically modified organisms that go against the natural laws of sacred science and are ultimately pernicious to the human body and eco-system of the planet), the ravaging of the planet’s rainforests (the lungs of our planet), the amount of people with no access to wholesome food, water, or even shelter, and the violent acts of shootings we have recently witnessed. The Native American’s call this a type of collective mental psychosis they refer to as “Wetiko” and it is pervasive in our society. I do not desire to get anybody down, but to make a point of how critical it is to train our mental bodies – not only for our well-being, health, vitality, and increased joy, but for the well-being and health of our planet. We are all intrinsically connected and being at such a pinnacle time on our planet, it is most crucial that we develop our mental body, work to heal our emotional body, and work diligently not go on auto-pilot and not allow old programs to run us. We are our own caretakers and we are the caretakers of this sacred planet.

When we begin to really work on our mental body through meditation, chanting, prayer work, affirmation, visualization, clearing work (or whatever modality calls us), we begin to tune in and reflect on our inner state and begin to decipher what old programs or unhealthy beliefs dominate our mind. We have over 50,000 thoughts per day! That is a lot of thoughts running through our mind. How many of these thoughts are self-loving and how many are self-destructive? Many of us grew up in dysfunctional families and we developed unhealthy beliefs that were ingrained in us at a very early age. My biological father use to tell me my legs were fat. This stuck with me for many years and I was ashamed of my body. It was my dad who was self-conscious about his legs and he both consciously and unconsciously projected his own insecurities on me. I was young and took it on (I have since worked to heal that and am very comfortable in my skin now – I may not have the best looking legs, but I love them and am grateful to have them!). And, if I did not heal this, I could have easily passed this unhealthy belief system on to my daughter who has almost my identical physical structure. I tell her how beautiful she is and she is growing up with a confident sense of self and healthy self-esteem. But, more than anything, she will model how I treat myself (this is especially true with the same sex parent); if I treat myself with love and respect, she will most likely exhibit these same qualities. Self-love and self-compassion is the antidote for Wetiko. We must be the pathcutters in our ancestral line by doing our deep and often scary inner work. But, the rewards are well worth it – underneath all the layers of pain we find our true self and greater peace, satisfaction, and connectedness. This is what will change the world – it begins with each one of us and it begins with discipline of the mind.

We also have been conditioned to certain cultural beliefs – a prime example of a cultural belief is “there is not enough time” – how many times do we tell ourselves that one? Another is a little more subtle – but suggests we are not good enough or worthy if we do not have that perfect partner/marriage (and gosh forbid if we are over a certain age), the successful career making so many digits, the 4 bedroom 2.5 bath suburb home, with a minimum of 2 kids. This is the time to break down those old rigid thought-forms and realize their illusory nature and not allow status, job, or lack thereof to determine our value and worth. Nor, should we let our friends or family determine our worth. There are times when we as adults have friends or most often family members who may be controlling, gamey, needy and they look to us to fill a sense of void. On a psychic level, there is often cording that goes on. These are thin (or sometimes thick depending on the intensity of the relationship) etheric cords that connect from one person to another. This cord becomes a “feedline” from the person being “fed” on to the person “feeding” (and often this is an unconscious behavior created by a person’s pain-body). We can identify this psychic vampirism (and there are levels to this) when we are continually left feeling drained (or even slimed) in that person’s presence (or over a phone conversation). Sometimes, we need to make choices to disengage from unhealthy relationships or create defined boundaries for our spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being and protection.

Years ago I went to a class that was taught by a medical doctor/spiritual teacher. About 10 minutes into the class I could hear someone stomping up the stairs sighing loudly. A woman comes through the door, sits in the chair next to me, begins making a lot of noise with no regard for the class atmosphere and for the next half hour fills us all in on her “horrible” experience at Starbucks. Her drink was not made correctly, the barista snapped at her, they would not remake her drink and on and on and on it went. As I observed others sympathizing with her – the more dramatic she got and I could clearly tell she was feeding off the attention. Her mental drama looped and looped and looped and after a half hour or so, I began to get a little perturbed that our host was not willing to speak up so we could get on with our class. This woman was clearly enmeshed in what I refer to as “Victim/Victimizer Software” – her being the victim and the barista the victimizer. Now, we all at times have had disagreements with people, but when we allow ourselves to stay in woundedness instead of taking responsibility for our triggers, we then become a slave to the Ego Mind Matrix that will eventually create havok within our bodies and our relationships. Now, I dislike confrontation as much as the next person and I consider myself a very loving and compassionate person – but this woman was clearly exhibiting psychic vampiric behavior and it was either speak up, walk out, or listen to her go on for another hour. So I spoke up – calmly, authentically, but quite directly. Needless to say, this was the last thing she expected and she immediately stopped and we then got on with our class. Now, this is an extreme example of “Victim/Victimizer” software, but it is important to be able to recognize when these programs are playing out in other people or even ourselves so we can either disengage or put up some boundaries.

I refer to mental programs as software because I like to think of the mind as a biological computer that has certain software running. Some of this software goes undetected (unconscious); it is this undetected software we need to become aware of and once we are aware what old programs are running, we can work to re-pattern them to healthier, more self-loving beliefs. An example is the inner critic (this would also be Victim/Victimizer software – but we are both victimizer and victim). How many times have we felt hurt about something and the inner critic kicks in . . . I am not liked, I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I am not pretty/handsome enough, there must be something wrong with me – the ego mind can be such a creative trickster. This kind of inferior thinking is just as damaging as superior thinking. We stew on it for hours, with self-loathing thoughts looping through our mind, we beat ourselves up – we may even lose sleep. When we begin to actively train the mind, we begin closing the loop on this kind of self-destructive patterning. I will give an example of closing the loop: the first time we were not asked out to lunch with the rest of the gang at work, it really triggers our pain-body – we feel rejected and left out. When we get home, we are still in despair and we continue to feel unworthy and unloved. Our partner and child go to hug us, but we are not present and cannot receive their love because our mind is so preoccupied with the past. Now, we begin to develop our awareness through mindfulness, meditation, reflection, and clearing work, the next time we feel left out, we may stew on it 30 minutes but we begin to reflect on what is at root of the emotional pain (perhaps an old painful memory surfaces – at 9 years old, I didn’t get invited to the slumber party all my other friends were invited to). Now we have a context for the pain and we can work to heal it through moving through it (not suppressing it) and we develop more self-compassion and self-love (we may even take our 9 year old self and shower him/her with love and sweetness). Then, the next time the gang goes out to lunch without inviting us, it does not adversely affect us – we closed the loop.

I must note as the conscious beings WE ARE, we do our very best to extend courtesy to everyone – it is through this kindness, awareness, empathy, and compassion that we shine as living examples of Unity Consciousness and that is how we teach others trapped in Ego Mind – through our living and loving example. Though this does not mean we become doormats – we stay true to our authentic self and strive to love ourselves unconditionally and when we truly love ourselves, we inspire others to do the same. Let’s together create an epidemic of self-love.

*Morphogenetic Chakra

Ascension and Emotional Clearing

First of all a big Happy New Year to everyone! Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I attended an assembly at Portland Waldorf School where my daughter attends.  The 8th grade recited Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.  This brought tears to my eyes – what an amazing human being!  We all have the same potential as Dr. King and we have the power, like Dr. King, to make significant changes in our world.  Listening to the speech got me thinking about what I would say.  I have a dream that everyone has a warm bed to sleep in at night.  I have a dream that every person has wholesome food, clean water, and basic necessities.  I have a dream that people feel loved and appreciated.  I have a dream that the world is at peace and people live in harmony with one another.  I have a dream that people are healthy, vital, and all their needs are met.  I have a dream that people live their dream.  I have a dream of humanity living in harmony with nature. I have a dream where people smile and laugh a lot. I have a dream where everyone feels safe and supported.  I have a dream where everyone experiences their divine nature . . .  What is your dream for yourself and the world?  Let’s share it with others!

We are on a precipice of major transformation within the US this year.  Astrologically, there are some powerful and disruptive energies that may play out in the US between April 2014 into 2015.  You can read more from my favorite astrologer, Jeff Harman at and click on his latest newsletter.  I am sharing this with you not to instill fear in any way, but rather to instill knowledge.  Knowledge is power!  I believe the time is now to really become conscious and deliberate creators of our lives.  As we know, the external world is a direct reflection of our inner world (collectively) and it is time to really look inside ourselves and ask ourselves what still needs to be healed, where in our lives are we at war with ourselves, are we being true to ourselves, what no longer serves us, and what insecurities, fears, or anger are we still harboring?  With the strong energies coming to the planet right now, all of our unhealed stuff is coming to the surface to be dealt with.  This is good!  It is not always pleasant and does not always feel good, but emotional triggers, physical or emotional pain, aches, sore throats, sinus infections, anxiety are all telling us something. Perhaps the body is just going through a cleansing process or perhaps there is something deeper to look at (especially when dealing with long-term nagging or chronic pain).  The body is always communicating with us and assisting us in our evolutionary process and gives us an opportunity to actively and consciously heal old pain to come into greater levels of self-esteem and self-love.  I really believe this is the best way to navigate through the upcoming energies – keep working on ourselves, keep working on opening our hearts, hold the highest intention for ourselves and the planet, meditate and pray, and of course, be of service as much as possible.  The consciousness of each one of us will decide our future. 

Many of us have heard of ascension by now – ascension to 5D (5th dimensional) consciousness. But what people may not understand is there are creation physics governing the process of ascension and this window of opportunity only comes every 26,556 years.  This window basically provides an opportunity for evolutionary acceleration – like jumping thousands of years into the future (of an ascending timeline). But, there is work to be done on both micro and macro level – cleansing or purification of bloodlines (healing ancestral wounds or dysfunction), activation of DNA templates (we are 12 strand prototype humans), healing of planetary grids, healing of spiritual bodies (there has been collective damage to astral/etheric bodies of many people), healing of planetary logos (the planetary brain or mind), and increasing accretion of personal and planetary frequency (increasing particle pulsation).  We have and will experience a series of Stellar Activation Cycles (SAC’s) that affect the geomagnetic fields of our planet that further affect our DNA and cellular memory.  The sun has a major role to play in our ascension process and it is good to take some time each day to re-establish a personal connection with our sun (whether outside or in meditation).

Some of us came in with contracts to assist in the ascension process of the planet and some of us hold certain genetic blueprints that allow us to act as ‘placement holders’ to anchor in these new, high frequencies.  But the most important thing we can all personally do to assist the planet and humanity in ascension to 5D consciousness is clearing work – emotional clearing is essential for ascension.  When we do our emotional clearing work we heal the heart which is the bridge between the 3rd dimensional chakra (representing the physical) and the higher centers (representing the non-physical). Dealing with any unprocessed or suppressed emotional debris, meaning feeling it and releasing it (but not getting caught up in the mental body or the story which can cause mental looping) is how we can actively participate in our ascension. How we can do this is the next time we have pain or anxiety, instead of trying to avoid it or ignore it, sit with it – become curious . . . ask what it is teaching you . . . and then quiet the mind, sink deep into the body and feel whatever is underneath it.  Maybe some sadness comes up . . . maybe anger, maybe more anxiety.  Allow those feelings to come up to be released – feel them . . . cry, scream in a pillow, shake the body and allow whatever noise wants to come out (this is good for anxiety/fear).  And when the layer is released, take time to put your hands on your heart or belly and fill yourself up with bright luminous light – say to yourself “I love and accept myself just as I am”.  Forgiveness is a big part of emotional release work and a big part of spiritual growth.  When we clear old pain, we can then come into greater levels of forgiveness and forgetfulness.  Is there anyone or anything in our lives that we need to forgive?  Are we harboring any bitterness or perhaps guilt?  If bitterness or guilt is not dealt with it can reap so much damage to the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and can suck the vitality and joy right out of a person. We need to release the pain and triggers first, then we can move on to forgiveness.  May we all strive to have big, wide, open, loving, child-like hearts.


As always, I am here for emotional clearing work and offer a safe and supportive environment to release old emotional wounds, to assist in repairing DNA and the spiritual bodies, and accelerate spiritual growth.  This can be done in person or over the phone – long distance work is just as effective and I work with many clients abroad.  Call or email me today to schedule your appointment and become lighter, freer, happier, and healthier!