Ascension and Emotional Clearing

First of all a big Happy New Year to everyone! Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I attended an assembly at Portland Waldorf School where my daughter attends.  The 8th grade recited Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.  This brought tears to my eyes – what an amazing human being!  We all have the same potential as Dr. King and we have the power, like Dr. King, to make significant changes in our world.  Listening to the speech got me thinking about what I would say.  I have a dream that everyone has a warm bed to sleep in at night.  I have a dream that every person has wholesome food, clean water, and basic necessities.  I have a dream that people feel loved and appreciated.  I have a dream that the world is at peace and people live in harmony with one another.  I have a dream that people are healthy, vital, and all their needs are met.  I have a dream that people live their dream.  I have a dream of humanity living in harmony with nature. I have a dream where people smile and laugh a lot. I have a dream where everyone feels safe and supported.  I have a dream where everyone experiences their divine nature . . .  What is your dream for yourself and the world?  Let’s share it with others!

We are on a precipice of major transformation within the US this year.  Astrologically, there are some powerful and disruptive energies that may play out in the US between April 2014 into 2015.  You can read more from my favorite astrologer, Jeff Harman at and click on his latest newsletter.  I am sharing this with you not to instill fear in any way, but rather to instill knowledge.  Knowledge is power!  I believe the time is now to really become conscious and deliberate creators of our lives.  As we know, the external world is a direct reflection of our inner world (collectively) and it is time to really look inside ourselves and ask ourselves what still needs to be healed, where in our lives are we at war with ourselves, are we being true to ourselves, what no longer serves us, and what insecurities, fears, or anger are we still harboring?  With the strong energies coming to the planet right now, all of our unhealed stuff is coming to the surface to be dealt with.  This is good!  It is not always pleasant and does not always feel good, but emotional triggers, physical or emotional pain, aches, sore throats, sinus infections, anxiety are all telling us something. Perhaps the body is just going through a cleansing process or perhaps there is something deeper to look at (especially when dealing with long-term nagging or chronic pain).  The body is always communicating with us and assisting us in our evolutionary process and gives us an opportunity to actively and consciously heal old pain to come into greater levels of self-esteem and self-love.  I really believe this is the best way to navigate through the upcoming energies – keep working on ourselves, keep working on opening our hearts, hold the highest intention for ourselves and the planet, meditate and pray, and of course, be of service as much as possible.  The consciousness of each one of us will decide our future. 

Many of us have heard of ascension by now – ascension to 5D (5th dimensional) consciousness. But what people may not understand is there are creation physics governing the process of ascension and this window of opportunity only comes every 26,556 years.  This window basically provides an opportunity for evolutionary acceleration – like jumping thousands of years into the future (of an ascending timeline). But, there is work to be done on both micro and macro level – cleansing or purification of bloodlines (healing ancestral wounds or dysfunction), activation of DNA templates (we are 12 strand prototype humans), healing of planetary grids, healing of spiritual bodies (there has been collective damage to astral/etheric bodies of many people), healing of planetary logos (the planetary brain or mind), and increasing accretion of personal and planetary frequency (increasing particle pulsation).  We have and will experience a series of Stellar Activation Cycles (SAC’s) that affect the geomagnetic fields of our planet that further affect our DNA and cellular memory.  The sun has a major role to play in our ascension process and it is good to take some time each day to re-establish a personal connection with our sun (whether outside or in meditation).

Some of us came in with contracts to assist in the ascension process of the planet and some of us hold certain genetic blueprints that allow us to act as ‘placement holders’ to anchor in these new, high frequencies.  But the most important thing we can all personally do to assist the planet and humanity in ascension to 5D consciousness is clearing work – emotional clearing is essential for ascension.  When we do our emotional clearing work we heal the heart which is the bridge between the 3rd dimensional chakra (representing the physical) and the higher centers (representing the non-physical). Dealing with any unprocessed or suppressed emotional debris, meaning feeling it and releasing it (but not getting caught up in the mental body or the story which can cause mental looping) is how we can actively participate in our ascension. How we can do this is the next time we have pain or anxiety, instead of trying to avoid it or ignore it, sit with it – become curious . . . ask what it is teaching you . . . and then quiet the mind, sink deep into the body and feel whatever is underneath it.  Maybe some sadness comes up . . . maybe anger, maybe more anxiety.  Allow those feelings to come up to be released – feel them . . . cry, scream in a pillow, shake the body and allow whatever noise wants to come out (this is good for anxiety/fear).  And when the layer is released, take time to put your hands on your heart or belly and fill yourself up with bright luminous light – say to yourself “I love and accept myself just as I am”.  Forgiveness is a big part of emotional release work and a big part of spiritual growth.  When we clear old pain, we can then come into greater levels of forgiveness and forgetfulness.  Is there anyone or anything in our lives that we need to forgive?  Are we harboring any bitterness or perhaps guilt?  If bitterness or guilt is not dealt with it can reap so much damage to the bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and can suck the vitality and joy right out of a person. We need to release the pain and triggers first, then we can move on to forgiveness.  May we all strive to have big, wide, open, loving, child-like hearts.


As always, I am here for emotional clearing work and offer a safe and supportive environment to release old emotional wounds, to assist in repairing DNA and the spiritual bodies, and accelerate spiritual growth.  This can be done in person or over the phone – long distance work is just as effective and I work with many clients abroad.  Call or email me today to schedule your appointment and become lighter, freer, happier, and healthier!